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Phase 57
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Volume: 10
Chapter 57
Total pages 22
Released 2006
Story Arc Super Nova Arc
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The Origin of this World (この世界の起源 Kono sekai no kigen?) is the fifty-seventh chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A shot of Ketheres during the Z.O.T.T. with Jack Gerambo giving out updates on the tournament.


After the fifth day of competition, Jack Gerambo goes through the results and recaps the prior rounds along with the teams that have advanced onward into the quarterfinals; he specifically mentions that while being dominant, the Space Angels have suffered several losses and only Sechs remains, due to Alita having disappeared since the first round and both Elf and Zwölf refusing to participate further. Despite these setbacks, Sechs manages to singlehandedly defeat the Wild Guns and the Angels advance to the semi-finals.

Back inside Melchizedek, Alita, Ping Wu and Porta Nova emerge from the memories and spot an avatar of Caerula before them. The avatar and Alita discuss the visions and the history of both Tiphares and the Scrapyard; Ping eventually asks why Alita was chosen and everyone present are stunned that the reason was due to her being an outcast. Having no connection to the institutions that created them, Caerula merely states she trusted her intuition and the judgement of her sword; upon giving the Fata Morgana to Alita, Caerula gives her the task of "executing the 'Last Order' at the right time.''

Alita refuses and decides to instead hold on to it until she is able to return it to Caerula; the latter smiles and tells her to keep it safe before disappearing. Before they can do anything else, a large avatar of Aga Mbadi appears and encloses them between his hands, declaring they shall go no further.

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