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Phase 58
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Volume: 10
Chapter 58
Total pages 22
Released 2006
Story Arc Super Nova Arc
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Don't Be a Hero (ヒーローにならないで Hīrō ni naranaide?) is the fifty-eighth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Ping Wu with Kale sporting various tools.


Ping recalls his earlier life when he was young and idealistic, wishing to become a hero like his idol Captain Mbadi. He decided to track down and share the process of methuselzation across the interplanetary web and helping to end the Terraforming Wars. Upon realization that his hero was a power hungry tyrant, Ping began to doubt his worth and eventually lost the will to live, isolating himself from his friends and Rem Rei within Robo-Asyl for over a century.

As Mbadi demands he be given the Fata Morgana, Ping and Kale activate a combat avatar to fight him; he tasks Porta Nova to get Alita out of cyberspace while he buys them time. Glowering at Ping, Mbadi inquires what the hacker knows of Melchizedek and confirms that it is quantum simulator that controls the orbiting ring system via the incubator and the brain bio-chips; Mbadi goes further to state that the system houses the soul of mankind. However, he rules that any act against Melchizedek is considered an act of terrorism which Ping reflects back to him that Mbadi controlling the minds and will of people via Unanimous control would be classified as the same thing. Suddenly, Mbadi notices a quantum field cube has surrounded him and is locked inside; while Kale revels in this apparent victory, Ping realizes too late that it was a decoy. Before they can do anything, the real Mbadi appears and unleashes an Eclipse attack that destroys Kale and causes Ping to blow apart his right arm to limit the spread. He manages to land an attack on Mbadi, but is forced to sever his left leg. Mocking Ping's reasons for continuing on, Mbadi grabs Ping's avatar while in the real world ordering a squad of HIGH ORDER troops to storm the Space Angels base; the resulting gunfire severely wounds Ping and causes his avatar to fully disintegrate.

While this goes on, Alita and Porta Nova escape cyberspace with the Fata Morgana and head towards the brain incubator. Upon reaching it, Alita's digital avatar goes inside and spots Lou, who does not seem to recognize her.

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