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Phase 59
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Volume: 10
Chapter 59
Total pages 22
Released 2006
Story Arc Super Nova Arc
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Don't You Play Dumb (あなたはダムをプレイしませんか Anata wa damu o purei shimasen ka?) is the sixtieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Several HIGH ORDER soldiers are attacked by an unknown assailant.


The soldiers that arrived to kill Ping are suddenly sliced to pieces by Elf and Zwölf, who arrived due to being called by Porta Nova. While Sechs arrives after the soldiers are killed, he does encounter Rem Rei, who was notified of Ping getting seriously wounded by Trinidad. She volunteers to take care of Ping, asking for Sechs and asks for them to finish what Ping started.

Irritated about his inability to recover the Fata Morgana, Aga Mbadi is further annoyed how he has been temporarily restricted from accessing Camelot due to them using it; resigned to having to wait for the system to stabilize, Mbadi is notified by Yajnik that Sechs arrived with one of the deceased HIGH ORDER soldiers. After Sechs reveals that he knows Mbadi sent the forces (and notified Jack Gerambo of it), both are surrounded by troops while Mbadi tells them to leave. Undeterred, Sechs threatens to kill all the soldiers and everyone around when a nearby airlock opens.

Both Sechs and Mbadi are surprised when an individual flies through on a hoverbike; Mbadi orders the soldiers to stand down as the individual takes off his helmet and introduces himself as Zekka; many individuals watch this unfold including Toji, Yani, Derossi and Hegeor Hopper. Zekka approaches Sechs and expresses an interest in seeing the youth in action.

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