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Phase 63
Phase 63
Volume: 11
Chapter 63
Japanese title 不屈の意味
Romanized title Fukutsu no imi
English title The Meaning of Indomitable
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Anomaly Arc
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The Meaning of Indomitable is the sixty-third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A close up of Toji.


Aga Mbadi meets with Zekka in private and congratulates him on becoming the most powerful being in the universe; Zekka dismisses it as settling an old score and angrily chides Mbadi for loudly chewing ice cubes. When prodded about his good mood, Mbadi merely says the tournament is going better than he anticipated (reveling in the presumed deaths of both Caerula and Alita), though he does lament the loss of the Fata Morgana. He tells Zekka all the paperwork has been filled out for the latter to join The Space Karate Forces.

Meanwhile, the quarterfinal match between Toji and Anomaly begins. Jack Gerambo notes how Anomaly has been on a destructive rampage and the origins of the beast remain unknown. Both combatants land blows on the other and Toji slams Anomaly with a severe punch on its head; as he thinks about the increased chances of the Karate Forces advancing, Super Nova hijacks the on-air feed and gleefully announces to the audience and the others watching that he killed Alita; Sechs, Elf, Zwölf and Toji are shocked, with Deckman 100 sadly bringing the remains of Alita to Sechs as proof. Toji refuses to believe it and is ambushed by a revived Anomaly who tries to swallow him; Toji blows apart Anomaly and calls out Nova, declaring that Alita will return somehow. Nova brushes it aside and reminds them he witnessed it firsthand; despite this, Toji vows to survive and fight Alita when she manages to return.

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