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Phase 64
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Volume: 11
Chapter 64
Japanese title それはYaの費用がかかります!
Romanized title Sore wa Ya no hiyō ga kakarimasu!
English title It'll Cost Ya!
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Anomaly Arc
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It'll Cost Ya! is the sixty-fourth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A close up of Alita, Sechs and the Interactive interface.


A technician communicates with Aga Mbadi and delivers a report about the creature Anomaly; it is rumored to have originated on the planet Mercury, now known as Mercurius. Puzzled about this, Mbadi mentions how no signs of life have been reported on the planet due to losing contact with each satellite and probe sent to the planet; the proposal of the planet being covered in gray goo is not ruled out and Mbadi thinks back on a former enemy of his, Jean Vares, who had a dream of transforming the planet into a similar matter. Mbadi and his associate mull over how the creature could have been created as a replication of their view on humankind and sent to the tournament as a means to communicate with the outside world.

Toji remains standing and overhears Zekka arrive; while the former is glad to see him, Zekka dismisses his karate as being flashy and ill suited against larger opponents. As Zekka takes the field, Anomaly thrusts its phallic looking battering ram towards him; Zekka blocks it with a beer bottle and shoves it inside an opening, causing Anomaly to howl in pain. Toji insists to see an actual demonstration by Zekka, who relents and hits Toji with a palm strike; this causes Toji to undergo an extrasensory experience where he sees his former master Tunpò. When Toji comes to, he finds that during the experience, his abilities were increased exponentially and when he landed a punch on Anomaly, the latter being exploded; due to the death of Anomaly, the only member of its team, the Space Karate Forces advance to the semifinals.

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