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Phase 65
Phase 65 cover
Volume: 11
Chapter 65
Japanese title 空手を超えて
Romanized title Karate o koete
English title Beyond Karate
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Anomaly Arc
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Beyond Karate is the sixty-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A shot of Ketheres during the second Zenith of Things Tournament as an explosion is seen towards the top of the onion frame.


A flashback recording of Zekka's last appearance in the ZOTT showed his and Tunpò near destruction and forced leave due to injuries they sustained by the other's hands. In cyberspace, Aga Mbadi recalls that the force of the explosion travelled down to Tiphares, causing one of the mooring cables of the city to snap.

Yani tells the story to a shocked Sechs, reflecting how it nearly caused his death. He confirms that Zekka was given the initial Fizziroy body and now Sechs has caught his eye, warning that Zekka does not concern himself with limits; despite Yani's concerns, Sechs shows nothing but excitement about thier upcoming fight.

Toji again thanks Zekka for his assistance and reflects that once Tunpò joins them, they will be unstoppable; Zekka dashes those thoughts by revealing with some glee that he killed Tunpò years ago. He explains that after their master gave them specific tasks and goals to complete, Tunpò became a monk and abandoned his karate aspirations; in his rage and anger, Zekka struck Tunpò and the attack destroyed the asteroid monastary yet Tunpò's body vanished.

Toji sits down and begins speaking to Zekka in a strange dialect remarkably similar to Tunpò; angered by this, Zekka tries to strike Toji only for it to be blocked and Tunpò briefly materializes in front of him. Toji states that Tunpò resides within him now and bows to Zekka as a form of respect; shaken by this, Zekka reflects on what he saw and tries to brush the encounter aside.

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