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Phase 66
Phase 66 cover
Volume: 11
Chapter 66
Japanese title 空手を超えて
Romanized title Rarin'to Kill
English title Rarin' to Kill
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Warmen 609 Arc
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Rarin' to Kill is the sixty-sixth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs leaping forward while smoke billows off him.


On several of the moons of Jupiter, a signal goes out to the farmers and Jovian citizens alerting them to tune in and watch their representative. As both Elf and Zwölf notice with some fear and worry when Alita has yet to return, Sechs arrives at the arena awaiting his next opponent.

Both Jack Gerambo and Hegeor Hopper are joined in the commentary booth with a Jovian representative named Chernov 727. 727 declares victory will be theirs and takes great offense when Hopper mentions that, while unlikely, there is a chance a civilian team could advance into the finals. While the two reporters share an uneasy laugh, 727 mentions that the Jovian participant, Warmen 609 has all the prior combat history and strategies from their five earlier Z.O.T.T. victories and introduces it properly as it lands in the arena.

Sechs gets excited at the notion of fighting the war machine, which takes its first form as The Ubernaught. The Ubernaught fires numerous polymer capture cubes to try and capture Sechs, but the latter manages to evade them only to get boxed in by a pyramid constructed by the cubes. Sechs manages to blast himself into the air a split second before a volley of missiles rain down on the structure, but almost loses his right arm in the process.

Another volley of rockets are launched, but Sechs bounces off them and ends up riding one back towards the Ubernaught; laughing, he propels it back and the missiles strike the Ubernaught. Landing nearby on the Titan Blade, Sechs notices the Ubernaught has grown noticably larger and bulkier; as he wonders how it is going to fight him now, the ground begins to shift and move underneath him and Sechs is soon swept up inside a massive tornado. 727 announces that the Ubernaught is preparing to use its ultimate technique, the Jupiter Mixer that will annihilate any opponent.

As this happens, a ship docks with Ketheres and Zazie steps outside, hoping to herself that there's still time to make it to the Z.O.T.T.

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