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Phase 67
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Volume: 11
Chapter 66
Japanese title 検索と破棄
Romanized title Kensaku to haki
English title Search & Destroy
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Warmen 609 Arc
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Search & Destroy is the sixty-seventh chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs is struck in the head by a broken sword after failing to grab it.


As many Jovian spectators on Jupiter sing the anthem of the Jupiter Union, Cherov 727 looks on as the Ubernaught unleashes the Jupiter Mixer; an explosion rocks the arena but when the dust settles, Sechs is still standing and relatively unscathed. While Zekka finishes cleaning the graffiti off his bike, he comments how Sechs is finally starting to fully understand the Fizziroy Body by absorbing and redirecting the attack; he notes with some amusement how Sechs learned it in a few days while it took himself four years to master the ability.

While 727 is shaken by this development, he confidently reminds the audience that Warmen 609 has multiple forms and its second form appears, the airborne military tripod Voyna. As it opens fire on Sechs, the latter unleashes various plasma decoys to throw off the tripod's aim; it responds by launching an EMP net that fries the decoys and renders Sechs immobile. However, several bullets are shot into Voyna to disrupt it and Zazie appears to help Sechs to his feet.

Jack Gerambo notices that Voyna is acting odd and wobbling back and forth before crashing into the ground; Zazie tells Sechs that she fired special bullets comprised of Berserker cells into the tripod as it mutates out of control. 727 calls the action barbaric and cruel while Sechs demands to know why she fired rounds into it that would make it even stronger; maintaining her cool, Zazie fires several Collapser rounds into Voyna that causes it to swell up and violently explode.

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