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Phase 68
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Volume: 11
Chapter 66
Japanese title 虎のしっぽを踏む
Romanized title Tora no shippo o fumu
English title Stepping On A Tiger's Tail
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc Warmen 609 Arc
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Stepping On A Tiger's Tail is the sixty-eighth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


On Aga Mbadi's orders, HIGH ORDER troops search in vain for the Fata Morgana along with the remains of Alita.


Aga Mbadi sends several HIGH ORDER troops into the waste disposal rooms but is surprised when they report no trace of Alita's damaged suit, the F-Box or the Fata Morgana. He theorizes they should be where Alita was destroyed by Super Nova and ponders if there is a third party assisting them.

Back in the arena, Jack Gerambo excitedly goes in depth about Zazie's prior exploits aboard Leviathan I; Zazie tearfully soaks in the adoration of the audience while Sechs stands bewildered that she had ever had stage fright in the first place. Shortly after asking about Alita's whereabouts, Zazie suddenly drops to her knees as part of her body begins subtly vibrating at an unknown frequency.

Chernov 727 becomes fearful when it is revealed that due to Zazie's attack, the third and fourth forms of Warmen 609 were destroyed in the earlier explosion; as the machine unveils its fifth and final form, Tunguska, 727 advises that everyone leave the arena due to the untested and dangerous capabilities. He mentions how the form is a prototype of Jovian weaponry for the next great war and not designed for competition. Back on Jupiter, a team of Jovian operators bring Tunguska online and power up its micro wormhole core; this triggers a beam cannon to fire deadly rays from its optical receptor and kills many of the crowd. 727 proudly boasts the destructive capabilities of Tunguska's Jupiter Beam attack; standing up, he says any non Jovians must die for now knowing its capabilities before getting caught in the beam himself and vaporized, leaving only part of his forearm behind. A security member informs Mbadi of the situation and the latter orders all reserve power be diverted to the shields. He reflects how he did not expect the Space Angels to push the Jovian team as far as they did, resulting in the current predicament.

Sechs and Zazie try to form a strategy to defeat the war machine; Zazie goes to distract it while Sechs launches an Implosion fist containing the energy from the Jupiter Beam. Unfortunately, this only does minute damage and leaves Sechs without any power in his batteries; at the same time, Deckman 100 had recovered the remains of Alita and the Fata Morgana from several Robo-Asyl robots and has the Space Angels base driven into the arena. It fires the remains and tells Sechs to catch them; however, Tunguska intercepts it and grabs the remains with its left arm.

Within moments, the Jovian team notice Tunguska's left hand and arm are encroached by an unknown nanomachine attack; Tunguska responds by severing the limb, but the encroachment soon spreads to the head and upper chest region. The facial area cracks and splinters, exploding in a shower of debris and when the smoke clears, Alita emerges from the remnants of Tunguska's head.

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