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Phase 69
Phase 69 cover
Volume: 12
Chapter 69
Japanese title もう一度戦闘の世界で
Romanized title Mōichido sentō no sekai de
English title Once Again In The World Of Combat
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc World of Combat Arc
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Once Again In The World Of Combat is the sixty-ninth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


The upper body of Tunguska explodes as Alita emerges from its remains


As Alita emerges from the remains of Tunguska, Super Nova laughs in astonishment over how she could have regenerated her body from scratch since it is far beyond the ability of the brain biochip. Meanwhile, the Jovian operators of Warmen 609 and the control room itself are destroyed by numerous spiked blades generated from the system as they frantically try to sever the wormhole connection unsuccessfully.

Alita then generates some clothes for herself and jumps down into the arena. As she looks over her new form, Sechs grins and makes a snark comment about her tardiness. The two meet up with Zazie as Jack Gerambo declare them the winners, the first civilian team to defeat a seeded team within the tournament.

As the crowd goes wild over this accomplishment, the viewing screens suddenly go opaque, rendering the audience unable to see inside the arena. A public service announcement goes off saying that the rest of the tournament is cancelled due to apparent concerns for public safety. This drives the crowd into a frenzy and Hegeor Hopper points out this is an attempt to overrule the decision; if done so, this will forever tarnish the credibility of the tournament and of LADDER itself.

Back in the arena, the Space Angels are surrounded by HIGH ORDER troops and Aga Mbadi approaches Alita saying she is under arrest for being a menace to public safety. At the same time, Super Nova arrives and theorizes that the cells used to regenerate Alita's body are not the same as the original ones that made up her Imaginos body. Even though Sechs is running on low energy, he prepares to attack and warns Zazie of Mbadi's hacking skills. Both himself and Zazie are still rendered powerless and under Mbadi's control. As Sechs tells Alita to run, he is pulled towards her and encircles her with the Titan Blade while Zazie is forced to point her weapons towards her. Super Nova requests Alita be taken alive for him to dissect for his own curiosity; Mbadi agrees, giving Nova carte blanche to do what he will with Alita and the Space Angels as long as he is given the Fata Morgana.

Much to both their surprise, Alita is unaffected by either man's cyber-attacks. Grabbing Mbadi's hand, she crushes it and declares that he cannot cancel the Z.O.T.T. at his leisure due to the teams fighting for their independence.

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