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Phase 70
Phase 70 cover
Volume: 12
Chapter 70
Japanese title 宇宙で唯一のもの
Romanized title Uchū de yuiitsu no mono
English title The Only One In The Universe
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc World of Combat Arc
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The Only One In The Universe is the seventieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita grips the hand of Aga Mbadi and tears it apart by squeezing it.


Knocking Super Nova and Mbadi back (along with the hacked Zazie and Sechs,) Alita begins advancing towards the latter. Upon staunching the bleeding in his mangled hand, Mbadi orders the soldiers to open fire on Alita; he is stunned to hear that Alita has hacked the soldiers and is preventing them from shooting. As Alita hurls a punch towards him, Mbadi reflects his past when he first gained control of his hacking abilities upon capturing the criminal Jean Vares.

Even though Alita's punch does not connect with Mbadi, the force tosses him back into the soldiers and makes him cough up blood. Mbadi revels in this apparent victory, only to be shocked when Alita herself admits she stayed the blow in order for the tournament to continue.


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