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Phase 71
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Volume: 12
Chapter 71
Japanese title カルマの特異性
Romanized title Karuma no tokui-sei
English title Karmic Singularity
Total pages 31
Released 2007
Story Arc World of Combat Arc
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Karmic Singularity is the seventy-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


An x-ray scan of Alita highlighting her newly acquired wormhole generator core.


Confused about how Alita was able to break free from his and Aga Mbadi's control, Super Nova scans her body & sees that the Fata Morgana has fused with her brain bio-chip. He theorizes that it has provided her with a link to Melchizedek and with the wormhole reactor core serving as a new source of energy, Super Nova insanely growls that Alita has become a karmic singularity.

Suddenly, Zekka rides in on his hoverbike & barrels through many of the HIGH ORDER; he agrees with Alita before telling Sechs that he's no longer bound by Aga Mbadi's control, kicking him in the head. Mbadi orders Zekka to deal with Alita, but the latter refuses, wishing for the competitors who wish to participate and the audience who want to watch it to take control of the ZOTT for their own.

As Mbadi seethes in anger, Pissarro Créer de Vivre from the Genome Kingdom descends to the arena floor and also voices his desire for the tournament to resume as well. Zekka tells the Venusian to go home and does not show interest in fighting their team, but Pissarro merely shows him their primary fighter: a being created primarily from Zekka's DNA known as Homme du Feu. Zekka becomes enraged upon this revelation, but Toji holds him back & to save that for the Block B semifinal round.

Jack Gerambo is able to get his way onto the arena and asks Mbadi about his decision to cancel the remaining battles of the tournament. Before he can respond, Alita interrupts and orders two conditions be made; to recognize both Tiphares and the Scrapyard as part of an independent country & to not renege on that promise. The Venusians & the Space Karate Forces agree to the terms, but Mbadi internally rages against them for dictating their terms and usurping his authority; externally, he puts up a facade and smiles, agreeing to the terms and revoking his own order to cancel the tournament. The results are then subsequently verified and the Space Angels advance to the ZOTT finals.

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