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Phase 80
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Volume: 14
Chapter 83
Japanese title 最後の存在証明
Romanized title Saigo no Sonzai Shōmei
English title The Last Proof of Identity
Total pages 33
Released 2009
Story Arc Genome Kingdom Arc
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The Last Proof of Identity is the eightieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.

Title page[]

Alita sitting on a platform.


Olympe slices Pissarro Créer de Vivre's artificial body in half with Pincequeue's pincer, throwing both of them to the floor of Gizmon. Pissaro's dying words are that this will not make Homme du Feu happy, but Olympe exposes him for what he truly is, telling him that he is not omnipotent and was unable to predict Homme du Feu's tactics during the match. She points out that he needed her to manipulate the guignol and that all of his actions served to hide his own weaknesses, making him nothing but a maggot. Pissarro then apparently dies, causing his artificial body to break apart and Olympe to believe that she and Homme du Feu are both free at last.

In the arena, the supercell created by Toji grows larger than Gargantua as the former prepares to take on the giant by powering up with his Superelectromagnetic Boost. A tornado is generated by the storm and Toji leaps into it, using its momentum to launch the Storm Void Lightning Kick at Gargantua when the eye passes over it. Although the attack tears through Gargantua's left arm, before he can launch a follow up strike after landing, Homme du Feu counters with Feedback Wave, an aural-based attack that strikes at Toji's brain and paralyses him. Gargantua rips out a shield generator, causing Toji to smash into it with a flying kick. However while he is still within the generator Gargantua hurls it through the wall of the Onion Frame and into outer space. Alita, who is perched on a platform while eating taiyaki, comments that Toji is gone.

Jack Gerambo observes that the Space Karate Forces and Genome Kingdom are out of players, leaving just the leaders left. Before Zekka can get out of his chair Gargantua seizes the Space Karate Forces' platform and slams it into the arena floor. However before the dust settles its right leg is smashed and Zekka emerges, vowing to kill Gargantua. Homme du Feu sees him and counters that it will not be easy as he knows of Zekka's weakness. Olympe then intervenes, yelling to Homme du Feu to stop and that they are now both free from Pissaro. However as he cannot return to his original form Homme du Feu tells Olympe not to take away his reason for fighting, surprising her. Zekka also tells her to stay out, as combat is a man's ultimate assertion of identity. Olympe tearfully replies that she does not understand while behind her the mouth in the torso of Pissaro's artificial body opens and his true body emerges, that of a runt with atrophied legs. Enraged that Olympe called him a maggot, he draws a biopistol and fires a rose bullet at Olympe, hitting her square in the back.

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