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Volume: 14
Chapter 82
Japanese title 「幸せ」という言葉
Romanized title "Shiawase" to Iu Kotoba
English title The Concept of "Happiness"
Total pages 31
Released 2009
Story Arc Genome Kingdom Arc
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The Concept of "Happiness" is the eighty-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.

Title page[]

The rose bullet tearing into Olympe.


Olympe is hit with the rose bullet, which begins to rapidly tear through her body, destroying her internal organs and circuits as Pissaro Créer de Vivre gleefully rejoices at her impending demise. She is unable to maintain her balance and falls from Gizmon. Seeing this, Homme du Feu violently tears himself from Gargantua to catch her. Gargantua's upper body suddenly breaks off and collapses, surprising Zekka. Pissaro mulls that he made a mistake in imbuing a guignol with human emotions and attempts to escape, as Gargantua will now begin to consume anything and everything in its path without Homme du Feu to control it. He is suddenly confronted by the objet-être that formed his biosuit, which despite some shots from his rose bullet pistol, kill him by tearing him to pieces.

Homme du Feu cradles the dying Olympe and asks how this happened. She replies that she is fine, but without him freedom is meaningless to her. Her last words are that she wanted to be happy with him, leaving him puzzled. Zekka then appears and tells Homme du Feu that he does not blame him for not understanding. He theorises that whoever invented the concept of "happiness" had to be a woman, thus a man would never understand it, in the same way that a woman would never understand a man's dreams. Homme du Feu concedes the match to Zekka as Gargantua's roots slam into the arena and begin to devour it, consuming Gizmon. Zekka tells Homme du Feu that he thought he would not be satisfied unless he had punched him, but is willing to wait until the next life to claim his debt. Homme du Feu responds that he wishes that they will meet again if he is reborn as a human as the roots close over him and Olympe.

As Zekka leaps into the air, he comments that Homme du Feu had put himself on the line for a woman, a man's dream, making him and Olympe more human than they knew. He then hits Gargantua with a single powerful strike that transforms it into a gigantic Japanese Cherry tree and stops it from any further devouring. While the audience is amazed, Zekka muses up in the branches that he needs a drink. Jack Gerambo announces that with the Space Karate Forces the Block-B Semifinals winners, they will meet the Space Angels in the Finals. Zazie is outside looking for Alita when she touches a wall, transmitting the Verschlag to it and smashing it. She suddenly realises that she is out of time before she collapses.


  • The transformation of Gargantua into a giant Japanese Cherry tree is reminiscent of Alita's transformation into the Tree of Life in Battle Angel Alita.

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