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Phase 82
Phase 82 title page
Volume: 14
Chapter 82
Japanese title 成長したじゃないか
Romanized title Seichō Shita Janai ka
English title How You've Matured
Total pages 33
Released 2009
Story Arc Frau X Arc
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How You've Matured is the eighty-second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.

Title page[]

Toji floating in orbit.


As Toji floats in orbit around the Earth, he reflects that he thought that he had finally grasped something, but it is too large and beautiful. He is then recovered by a New Order warship and is reported to have sustained insignificant damage to Aga Mbadi, who orders him prepped for the Finals the next day. In the Space Angels' base ship, Sechs is thinking about his upcoming rematch with Zekka. While his arsenal of techniques has increased, he doubts any will connect, while Zekka will just neutralize any plasma attacks. He recalls that Zekka had said that he was at supersonic speed while standing still and ponders the apparent contradiction of this before realizing that Zekka was referring to the polytene gel circulating within his Fizziroy Body, which Sechs also uses. By increasing its flow speed to supersonic, Zekka is able to generate super speed and power without a windup. While deep in thought about this, Elf and Zwölf sneak in and graffiti Sechs with a permanent marker before he notices and succeeds in chasing them out of the room by increasing his gel flow to supersonic for the first time. However it also causes his body to balloon. Elf and Zwölf wonder who to play with next when Rakan happens upon them and tells them to play with him.

Sechs returns to normal and while walking around sees Derossi with Zazie, who was brought in and apparently unconscious. When he touches her head, he notices something and when Derossi lifts Zazie's head on Yani's direction, both his arms suddenly begin to vibrate. Sechs slices off both of Derossi's arms at the shoulders, shocking the two cybertechs, but explains that if he had not done so the Hertza Haeon vibrations would have wound up in Derossi's head and killed him. Sechs wonders who could have used such a technique and tells Alita to come out of the ventilation shaft she is hiding in. He then grabs her and demands why she would have injured Zazie, but Alita claims ignorance and cannot answer who else could have used such a technique. When Sechs refuses to let her go, she breaks Sechs' hold and leaps away, pointing out that it is a surprise to hear Sechs use the word "friend". Sechs is furious and challenges Alita to a fight.

However Zazie revives and stops them by revealing that Alita did not do this to her and that it began a month before on Mars, when she met another Künstler. Following the departure from Leviathan I, she participated in the operation to recover Olympus Spaceport.

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