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Phase 84
Phase 84 title page
Volume: 14
Chapter 84
Japanese title 仮称「フラウ・X」
Romanized title Kashō "Furau Ikusu
English title Alias "Frau X"
Total pages 33
Released 2009
Story Arc Frau X Arc
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Alias "Frau X" is the eighty-fourth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Spent cartridges.


At the Pro-Mars Kingdom Parliament Faction Base Camp, General Yazuiji discusses Operation Hagel with Zazie. Although a success, it was costly because Frau X wiped out over 30 elite troops from the various factions, with Zazie the sole survivor. Her identity remains a mystery as her voice was masked by static, but Zazie's super ceramic knife which was cut by an ordinary shoelace is a testament to her abilities. Zazie states that the true capabilities of Panzer Kunst remain unknown and that everything that is known about it must be revised.

GG finds Zazie at a soldiers' graveyard. She is puzzled as to why Frau X spared her when she could have killed her at any moment and realises that she needs to tell Alita about her. Suddenly she hears the sound of the Verschlag inside her head and tries to alleviate the vibrations by drawing her sidearm and shooting herself, but is just stopped by GG. However the roar becomes deafening and Zazie passes out.

When she comes to she is inside a medical tent on a waterbed with two of her fellow soldiers, Canali and Lyuben, who are both wet. GG is also there with a new prosthetic arm, as his previous arm was destroyed by the Verschlag when he brought Zazie back, hence the waterbed. Zazie learns that thousands of soliton waves transmitted by the Verschlag are now reverberating inside her head without decaying. They will localise in one spot in a month and explode, blowing her head off. Attempts to perform a craniotomy by transplanting her brain failed as the Verschlag spread, inflicting injuries and destroying equipment. Another idea which would involve neutralising the soliton waves with waves of an opposing phase would take far too long. As she is the only person affected, Zazie is left to deal with the situation on her own. After Zazie leaves, Lyuben admires her calm demeanor. GG explains that Frau X must have used the Dim Mak like technique on her in an attempt to break her when Zazie maintained complete composure during their fight. He believes that Frau X will lose because Zazie will not break.

As she carries out her duties, Zazie realises that while as a soldier she does not fear death, she does have one regret. While watching Combat TV's broadcast of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, which has just begun, Queen Limeira unexpectedly gives Zazie a shuttle ticket to Ketheres. She tells her to go help Alita and that as a Künstler, she may be able to undo the work of another Künstler. Zazie is adamant about staying and so Limeira orders her to go support the Space Angels and return safely. Zazie leaves Olympus Spaceport for Ketheres.

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  • Ptolemaeus
  • Pro-Mars Kingdom Parliament Faction Base Camp


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