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Phase 85
Phase 85 title page
Volume: 14
Chapter 85
Japanese title できるのか!?
Romanized title Inga no Ōtatsumaki!!
English title Can You Do That?!
Total pages 25
Released 2009
Story Arc Frau X Arc
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Can You Do That?! is the eighty-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita turning around.


Zazie finishes her story. Alita and Sechs are speechless, while Yani is shocked that thousands of soliton waves could be programmed to explode a month later, concluding that only an alien could do it. When Sechs asks why Zazie hid this from them, she responds that she never found the right moment to bring it up. Alita does not know what this Panzer Kunst move is, defending herself by stating that she does not know all the techniques. However she does know that Frau X used Schatten Forgen, a training technique, to stay behind Zazie the entire time. Zazie admit that although Frau X is an enemy, she has to respect her technique and power. She also tells Alita that she came to tell her about Frau X and is prepared to die just as her body begins to be wracked with vibrations.

Sechs yells at Zazie not to die as there is still so much he needs to learn from her. He tries to cure Zazie by using Opposing Wave, but Alita punches him away as she will be the one to do it and tells Sechs to handle any stray oscillation waves. Yani is doubtful given that the speed of oscillation waves through fluid is over Mach 5, but Alita is determined. Asking for Arthur Farrell to give her strength, she realises that she is who she is now thanks to all the people she has met and that the bonds between her and her loved ones are still there despite her brain being a brain bio-chip. All she needs to do is grab hold. Alita then unleashes a volley of supersonic strikes that eliminate the soliton wave, curing Zazie. She then thanks Zazie for giving her the chance to stay human before exiting through the ventilation shaft before the latter can respond. She then ponders the coded message that was in the oscillation waves, "So much awaits".


  • The larger background image that appears when Alita is thinking of the people she met is an illustration that Yukito Kishiro did for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar.[1]


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