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Phase 88
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Volume: 15
Chapter 88
Japanese title 約束の場所...!!
Romanized title Yakusoku no Basho...!!
English title Our Promised Place...!!
Total pages 33
Released 2009
Story Arc Tenth Z.O.T.T. Finals Arc
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Our Promised Place...!! is the eighty-eighth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


The Space Angels with their stats.


The Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals get underway. Aga Mbadi brushes off Yajnik's concerns over his earlier beating by Alita, the evidence of which is plainly evident on his face. He decides to see how the karmic tornado predicted by Melchizedek will work out.

On the arena floor, the Space Angels and the Space Karate Forces face each other. Zekka asks Sechs if he has grown out of his potty chair, and the latter responds that he is a threat now that he has grown out of his potty. However this has everyone laughing uncontrollably, while Sechs angrily asks what a potty is. When things settle down, Toji announces that they will pair off to fight one on one, while the survivors will have a showdown. Zekka and Alita agree with this, and the pairs form: Alita vs. Toji and Zekka vs. Sechs, leaving Rakan to face Zazie. Rakan is excited over the matchup, and confirms when asked that he did brutally tear apart Elf and Zwölf as he was too keyed up over the match.

Toji tells Alita that although he lost back on Leviathan I, this matchup will be different. Alita retorts however that she was the one who lost that day and that she intends to pay Toji back for not finishing her off when he had the chance. She uses plasma generated from her hands to boost her speed and fly at Toji, breaking through his Sonic Fist with a plasma burst. Alita realises that time has slowed down for her, enabling her to counter Toji's Reverse Punch by rolling up his arm and strike up at him. She disappears briefly to emerge behind Toji and he falls backwards, allowing her to throw him back. As Toji gets up, he thinks to himself that Alita is a worse monster than Anomaly and vows that there will be no regrets today as he will not be ashamed.

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