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Phase 90
Phase 90 title page
Volume: 15
Chapter 90
Japanese title ホントのプロだね!!
Romanized title Honto no Puro Da ne!!
English title A Real Pro!
Total pages 27
Released 2010
Story Arc Tenth Z.O.T.T. Finals Arc
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A Real Pro!! is the ninetieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs wrapped around Zekka.


Replay reveals that Zekka countered Sechs' Implosion Expanded Punch with a counterpunch of his own to disrupt his attack. Hegeor Hopper speculates that this is the basis of a legend about Zekka destroying a helicopter from 2 km away. Rakan too is amazed at the feat, then is hit with a headshot by Zazie, which proves ineffective. After making him do the bullet dance, she then hits him with a volley of shots at his body. When she reloads, Rakan fires all of her shots back at her. He notes that unlike other gunmen, she observed the effects of her fire on him and thus did not fall prey to his Bullet Echoes, calling her a real pro.

To test a theory, Zazie fires three rifle grenades at Rakan, forcing him to close on her. She then fires her MK21 MSG to detonate the grenades, causing a tremendous explosion. However Rakan emerges from behind Zazie and manages to slice off her left arm. Zazie however counters by pulling out a pair of semiautomatic pistols and blasting Rakan back. It is revealed that the arm that was taken was one of the exo-arms that Zazie was using.

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