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Phase 91
Phase 91 title page
Volume: 15
Chapter 91
Japanese title 論理+直感
Romanized title Ronri Purasu Chokkan
English title Logic + Instinct
Total pages 27
Released 2010
Story Arc Tenth Z.O.T.T. Finals Arc
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Logic + Instinct is the ninety-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.




Back at the Pro-Mars Kingdom Parliament Faction Base Camp, Lyuben and Canali are rooting Zazie on. GG however, is concerned that Zazie has already used up a large quantity of her ammunition, and that she needs to figure out how Rakan is deflecting her shots.

In the arena, Zazie asks Rakan if he has a good view, but he does not find much to see. She then activates a monofilament wire net trap that she had laid when she was where he is now standing, before throwing a fragmentation grenade at Rakan that she detonates by shooting it. Zallies follows up by dropping a thermite grenade, catching Rakan when he comes out of the arena dirt floor in an attempt to get her. As she falls back, she fires a volley of shots at him. Although Rakan is caught in the blast, he escapes from being thermite-welded, and Zazie confirms her suspicion that he had escaped the earlier explosion she had tried to catch him in by tunneling underground. With Rakan's gi burned away, it is also revealed that he has bands of metal around his torso, arms, and legs, the wicked rings, which he uses for his Bullet Echo technique. Zazie then fires a shotgun blast at Rakan which he anticipates deflecting as usual, but for some reason he cannot deflect all of the buckshot and is hit. Rakan then realizes that the rings were welded together by the bullets that Zazie had fired into the thermite explosion, which prevented them from spinning. Back on Mars, GG thinks to himself that while logic alone would not have done the job, logic and instinct would have, which Zazie has and he lacks.

The Titan Blade spins into the arena floor and Sechs leaps away from Zekka. It is then shown that Sechs had used his interactive interface to graffiti insults on Zekka's back in an attempt to get him mad. Zekka however appears to dismiss the attempt and begins to move in an odd manner towards Sechs before headbutting him and then flying into a rage.

Meanwhile Alita batters Toji with a series of strikes, leaving him incredulous as to how she could have improved so much in two months. He thinks that his situation is like the tale of "The Swordsman and the Cat" that he had earlier told Alita, but she has now assumed the role of the cat, transitioning from the black cat, to the large tiger cat, to the wise grey cat. Toji wonders if he will relive the tale as he lies facedown on the arena and Alita sits on his back.

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  • Thermite grenade
  • Wicked rings

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