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Phase 93
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Volume: 15
Chapter 93
Japanese title 真の突き」です!!
Romanized title Shin no Tsuki" Desu!!
English title "True Strike!"
Total pages 33
Released 2010
Story Arc Tenth Z.O.T.T. Finals Arc
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True Strike! is the ninety-third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs being hit with Zekka's hook punch.


Sechs recalls getting ready for Zekka's attack, but the latter unexpectedly closed on him too quickly and hit him in the left side, surprising him. Yani and Derossi, who are monitoring Sechs, then learn that the punch has shut down the Fizziroy Body's sensors, as it has exceeded the body's impact limits. The force of the blow is so powerful that it is transmitted through Sechs' feet onto the arena floor, blowing him into the air and causing a shock wave that breaks Zekka's belt buckle. Zekka just ties his belt together to secure it.

As Jack Gerambo wonders what could have caused the explosion, Hegeor Hopper realizes that Zekka hit Sechs with a "true strike", which unlike a conventional punch, concentrates its energy within the target for more damage, resulting in what is referred to as an Ignition Blow that causes the target to fly into the air.

Sechs has a near-death experience, waking up to find himself floating in a mercurial sea. As he sinks and his body begins to dissolve, he feels like sleeping and that he doesn't care anymore. However his will then fiercely manifests itself, screaming that he will not die here. He flashes back to the fall of the Ground Investigation Bureau and his subsequent struggle to survive, when he vowed not to leave this world without somehow leaving his mark on it, choosing to be no longer known as AR-6, but as Sechs. Telling himself not to go on some near-death side trip, Sechs emerges from the water and recalls the events of the fight with Zekka, realizing that all he had done was set himself up to receive Zekka's punch and that he has no chance of beating him without risking it all. Sechs then sees Zekka's massive fist coming at him and responds by swallowing it.

Back in the arena Sechs expands into a massive ball that the other fighters notice. This ball than rapidly spins and compresses, leaving Sechs in the center of a giant impact crater. After Sechs declares that this is what it is like to be supersonic while standing still, Zekka realizes that he had shifted the energy from the punch into his internal circulation system and absorbed it. Sechs then responds that he has done his homework and will kill Zekka.

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