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Volume: 16
Chapter 95
Total pages 33
Released 2011
Story Arc Tenth Z.O.T.T. Finals Arc
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Faster than Thought (思考よりも速く Shikō Yori mo Hayaku?) is the ninety-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita diving at Toji.


Within the plasma tornado, Alita instinctively prepares herself for combat as she dives towards Toji, who is in the eye. Seeing an opening before he can strike, she kicks off from the plasma and forms a Damascus Blade with her left arm and splits him down the middle. However her body and the space around her begins to shift and she mentally jumps back to when she was about to execute the attack moments before. This time she was late in forming the blade and did not evade, thus she was destroyed by Toji's Predator-Killing Rat Strike. Part of the structure collapses, forcing Zazie and Rakan to flee. Jack Gerambo sees Toji emerge but is then shocked when pieces of Alita's body become visible. While Sechs and Zazie are speechless, Aga Mbadi laughs, which catches Yajnik off guard as he has never heard Mbadi laugh. Mbadi wonders if this was the karmic tornado that Melchizedek had predicted.

Alita finds herself being transported all the way to a spacecraft near a section of the Toposphere Project on Jupiter. Here the Jovians working on Operation Glass Cat announce that they have confirmed that limited space-time has been fragmented. As she wonders who they are, Bukhanov C-182 comments that they succeeded on the 42nd try and asks that the target be confirmed. It is estimated that 68% of Alita was destroyed, which Bukhanov considers problematic because she could regenerate. As he asks his team to continue with the operation, Alita realises that this was what disrupted her fight and initiates a counterattack.

She seizes control of her quantum model and uses it to fire beams at its surroundings, triggering blades composed of nanomachines to appear and tear through the Jovians. Bukhanov realizes that Alita's consciousness was transferred by the wormhole and that this was the same attack that invaded the Orbital Dynamo. He suddenly shifts command of the operation to Potemkin and declares that he is being transferred to Europa to avoid the blame being attached to him. Before Potemkin can protest he is killed by nanomachine blades and Alita directs a beam to stop Bukhanov from fleeing, severely injuring him. He comments that she is the first to have singlehandedly damaged the Jupiter System Union so severely and when Alita counters that she has no business with Jupiter, explains that the wormhole that she absorbed is a military secret, as is the Jovian territory that she invaded. He activates a self-destruct mechanism on the ship as a last resort, causing it to be sliced in half by one of the earlier nanomachine blades protruding from the toposphere.

Alita's consciousness is thrown into space again and she wonders how she can return to the match when she is confronted by the Jovian quantum convergence observatory, Jupitan.

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