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BAALO06 42 Piau
Alita is confronted with dozens of piau launched at her by Caerula Sanguis in Phase 33.
Type Throwing knife
Users Caerula Sanguis
Debut Phase 33

Piau (Hyou?) are Chinese throwing knives. Caerula Sanguis uses dozens of them concealed in her jacket sleeve to cut the Chinese character for “Death” (死) into a wall to set up the final attack of the Eight Block Death Gate Array without her opponent's knowledge. She then leads them through a series of maneuvers to cut off all means of escape and catch them in the Death Gate.


The piau are all identical. At the hilt end is a hole through which a short ribbon is threaded. They are small enough that Caerula Sanguis can carry dozens of them in her right jacket sleeve.

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