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BAA03 70 Pihagetta during Jashugan's challenge race
Pihagetta in Battle 14
Japanese name ピハゲッタ
Romanized name Pihagetta
English name Pihagetta
Number 87
League Top
Ranking 7
Debut Battle 14

Pihagetta is a Top League motorball player who participated in a challenge race against Jashugan in ES 578.[1]


Pihagetta has a bipedal zeugmotorball body. His head is similar in appearance to a conical samurai helmet, with one of his eyes covered by a star-shaped patch with a Korean character written on it, while the other looks like a short telescopic lens. His mouth terminates into what looks like a filter-like attachment for a gas mask.


Claymore, Karashnikoff, and Pihagetta teamed up to face the champion Jashugan on the Galvani Circuit in Jashugan's first race in a month. Alita, Ed, Daisuke Ido, and Shumira watched this race. After Jashugan suffered a flatline attack and was forced to pit, he was resuscitated by Ido with Shumira’s help. Pihagetta was the second member of the challenge team to be taken out by Jashugan after he returned to the track.


His likely namesake is the pichangatti, an Indian knife.


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