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Pilgrim's Cane
BAALO05 108 Pilgrim's Cane
Koen using his Pilgrim's Canes in Phase 28.
Type Mono-molecular staff
Users Koen
Debut Phase 28

The Pilgrim's Cane was a staff composed of mono-molecular materials. Koen had a pair mounted in his forearms.


Koen could retract or extend his canes depending on the circumstances. They were strong enough not to get cut by mono-molecular wire.


During Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Koen and Getz took the field first against the Space Angels. After Getz deployed Dizaster, Elf and Zwölf dodged it and managed to get behind Getz. They encountered Koen, who used his Pilgrim's Canes to block their attempt to slice him up with their mono-molecular wire. He then spun his torso while keeping both canes extended to reel them both in, forcing them to get caught in the blast when Getz smashed into a column. When Sechs launched a counterattack, Elf and Zwölf supported him by using their wire to trap Koen when he blocked them again. Sechs was able to use his Titan Blade to impale Koen and use him to bypass Getz's barrier, stabbing him from behind.