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BAALO02 168 Pillory
Kaos in the pillory in Phase 12.
Type Portable physical restraint
Purpose Instrument of punishment
Creator Vector
Users Kaos
Debut Phase 12

The pillory, also known as the cuff, is a type of portable physical restraint used by Vector as a form of punishment. Kaos spent a year in one after he first arrived in the Scrapyard.


Unlike the traditional pillory, the version employed by Vector is designed to serve as a portable means of punishment and humiliation. It locks one of the victim's arms at the wrist close to their neck and renders it useless and is made of a thick and durable metal that is light enough to be carried. The pillory can only be unlocked with a key which Vector retains. His logo appears on the pillory and his power in the Scrapyard is such that it is considered potentially troublesome to be involved with someone wearing a pillory.


When Kaos arrived in the Scrapyard he sought out Vector for help in constructing the Tower of Tiphares. After listening, Vector had his thugs beat up Kaos and revealed that although he could tell that Kaos fully believed in his dream, he himself did not believe in words. Telling Kaos to return in a year to see if he could still talk about his dream, he had Kaos locked in the pillory and released him.


Kaos spent a year begging on the streets of the Scrapyard until he and a passer-by who he tried to beg from were both hit by a taxi. Several cyberphysicians quickly appeared, but backed off from treating Kaos when they noticed how poor Kaos was as well as Vector's logo on the pillory. Koyomi, who had seen the accident, pretended not to know Kaos but ended up taking him to where she was staying, Wabi-Sabi Antiques, where she learned how Kaos had ended up in his current state.

BAALO02 203 Key

Vector handing over the key to the pillory in Phase 12.

A few days later Kaos returned to Vector's, as it had been a year since their initial meeting. Completely devoid of hope until a paper airplane that Alita had thrown from Tiphares landed on his hand, he read it with his psychometry and was charged with a new sense of purpose and determination. This allowed him to defeat three of Vector's thugs as well as the master swordsman Pizmo with some masterful strikes from his katana. After Kaos declared that the only way to atone for his sin and dream was to make it a reality, an impressed Vector gave him the key to his pillory and the two began collaborating.

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