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Pincequeue is Bigorne's self-amputated tail.


Pincequeue was a large artificial creature that resembled a segmented tail with a pair of oversized pincers emerging from the tip. It possessed six pairs of insectile legs, and had a set of blank, multi-facted eyes.


Pincequeue displayed no personality traits during its brief existence other than to seek out and attack Taraba of its own initiative.


Immense Strength: As a large, bio-engineered beast, Pincequeue possessed a formidable level of strength that was capable of knocking Taraba back and off the ground however it was unable to hurt the cyborg despite catching him with its jaws.

Pincequeue Jaws: Pincequeue possesses a pair of strong pincers made of Griffenium, a bio-wolfram alloy.


After Taraba defeats Bigorne during the Semifinals match against the Genome Kingdom, Pincequeue detaches itself from the exploding corpse of its host. It charges at Taraba, catching him in its mighty jaws but is unable to defeat his defenses. Taraba responds by performing the Squilla Blow and kills Pincequeue with a single explosive blow that ripples through the creatures body and destroys it.

Pieces of its corpse fly through the air to crash into Gizmon, with one mandible later being used by Olympe to land a critical blow against Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre.


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