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Pipe gun
BAA04 129 Unnamed junkie
The unnamed junkie with his pipe gun in Battle 20
Type Improvised firearm
Creator Unnamed junkie
Users Unnamed junkie
Debut Battle 20

The pipe gun was a type of improvised firearm made by an unnamed junkie from the Scrapyard who tried to target Alita.


Constructed of ordinary pipe, with the larger tube functioning as a barrel and the smaller tube acting as a horizontal forward grip, the pipe gun was a crude shotgun. It was fired by some sort of trigger at the end of the its "stock". Despite its crude construction, it was successfully fired once, although the muzzle was destroyed.


The night before Alita's challenge race against Jashugan in ES 578,[1] she revealed to Ed that she would retire from motorball. He was shocked at the news, as it would bring all the hopes and dreams that he had of becoming of the Top League champion vicariously through Alita crashing down. When he abruptly led her away to renew her contract, Alita was recognized by some bystanders warming themselves near a fire. One of them confronted Ed and reached into a bag, claiming that he had a present for Alita. Ed's suspicions were roused when he realised that the man was on something and when the latter drew the pipe gun, Ed had just enough time to shield Alita before the junkie fired, blowing off the top of Ed's head. The shot destroyed the pipe gun's barrel and the junkie had a brief moment to enjoy his success before Alita took his head off.

Other appearances[]

The pipe gun appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


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