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Piston launcher
BAA07 56 Sentinel
Sentinel wielding the piston launcher in Battle 37
English name Piston launcher
Type Pseudo-firearm
Purpose Intimidation of victims
Creator Sentinel's bandit gang
Users Sentinel's bandit gang
Debut Battle 37

The piston launcher is a pseudo-firearm that is the symbol of a small gang of biker bandits led by Sentinel. The gang operates in the Badlands and uses the piston launcher to intimidate their victims into surrendering their goods.


The piston launcher appears to be a motorcycle engine modified to look like a gun. The tailpipe poses as a barrel and is part of a light coloured saddle decorated with flames on the sides. A fake vertical magazine is attached to the engine, which is controlled by handlebars, one of which is the throttle. A tachometer is also attached facing the user. The piston launcher can be revved up, but is only shown to blow out exhaust fumes.


In ES 590[1] Koyomi ran away from home and hitched a ride with a caravan that was going to barter with Kaos. They were held up by Sentinel's gang and he attempted to use the piston launcher to intimidate the merchants. However Koyomi tricked him into gambling with her and he fell victim to her skills, loosing all the goods that the gang had attempted to steal. Sentinel's pride would not let him back down and lose tremendous face, and he was put in the embarrassing position of having to wager the piston launcher. When Fury killed one of his men after he threatened Koyomi, Sentinel then attempts to kill her in turn, but a well-aimed shot from Alita shattered his axe and scared the bandits into fleeing, taking the piston launcher with them.


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