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BAA01 195 Alita's debut use of plasma
Alita's debut use of plasma against Makaku in Battle 5.
Type Plasma
Users Various
Debut Battle 5

Plasma (プラズマ Purazuma?) is a superheated high energy matter that can be used by several characters. It is one of the most destructive capabilities to appear in the series and is nearly impossible to defend against unless the target can generate an electromagnetic field.


Alita: The first character to use plasma and so far been the only Künstler shown to be capable of using it, effectively making it a specialty (possibly a Seinerweisen) and taking Panzer Kunst in a new direction. Alita's plasma manipulation has always been tied to the cyborg bodies that she has used and the capability was present in the Berserker Body and both versions of the Imaginos Body.

Arduinna: Could generate plasma poison, a plasma with super-fluid properties.

Gally vs

Berserker Potemkin using plasma.

Potemkin: After becoming infected by Berserker cells he transforms into a Berserker and can use plasma.

Sechs: Gained the ability to use plasma with the Fizziroy Body although he did not begin using it until he abandoned the Solenoid Quench Gun. He has developed several new techniques using plasma during the span of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, an example of the phenomenal growth that he underwent in such a short time.

Zapan: Could generate plasma after he obtained the unlocked version of the Berserker Body, which enabled him to fire ball plasma of it. He was even able to create a semi-sentient plasma being, the Demon Dog.

Zekka: Uses the prototype version of the Fizziroy Body and like Sechs, can generate plasma as well but prefers to use his Shuri-Ti techniques instead. He can negate plasma and even swallow it.



Other appearances[]

Gally can use plasma in the OVA as well as in Gunnm: Martian Memory. In the latter it enables her to use more potent attacks and can be refilled with a resupply kit. Several enemy characters such as Berserker Zapan, the Demon Dog, Potemkin, and Zuoh and can also use plasma.