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Plasma poison
BAALO13 89 Plasma poison
Taraba is impaled by a decoy Toji and injected with plasma poison in Phase 78
Japanese name プラズマ毒
Romanized name Purazuma Doku
English name Plasma poison
Type Plasma
Purpose Various
Creator République Vénus
Users Guignols
Debut Phase 77

Plasma poison is a plasma with super-fluid properties that some Venusian guignols generate. Once inside a cyborg, it will gradually burn away their circuits and parts. Its classification as a poison is thus purely metaphorical, as it does not behave like a biological poison.[1]


In the Block-B Semifinals match of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Homme du Feu was able to impale Taraba and inject him with plasma poison when they were standing back to back by using a decoy Toji as a disguise that he created using Arduinna's capabilities.


  1. Phase 78 - Homme du Feu mentions that Taraba was injected with plasma poison.