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Platoon EXT-04
BAALO04 26-27-Remains of Platoon EXT-04
The remains of Platoon EXT-04 after battling over a flag in Phase 19.
Origin Leviathan 1
Affiliations Colonel Payne's Expendable Toys
Type Platoon
Notable members Giraud
Debut Phase 19

Platoon EXT-04 (EXT-04 小隊 EXT-04 Shōtai?) was a platoon in Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school. Giraud was a member of this platoon, which included 19 other children.[1]


Shortly after Alita and Limeira arrived on Leviathan 1 in ES 591, Giraud ran away from Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school and stole König when Limeira put him down for a moment. After two of Payne's men tracked him down Alita and Sechs rescued him. Alita tried to reach Ping Wu but got Martin Tsang instead, who told her to take Giraud to the Adminipolice. He handed König back to her before they parted ways and she was found with the teddy bear by Limeira and Zazie, who were searching for it. It was then that she learned what had really happened and was stricken with grief.

Galvanised by Alita's despair and Zazie's anger at Giraud being returned to his owner, Limeira calmed them down and the three made an attempt to save Giraud. Limeira visited the main juvenile infantry school office where she bought the platoon for 1.5 million megasols. However they had been deployed to the Combat Chamber for live fire exercises and could not be recalled as they did not carry a communications device. At the same time, Alita, Zazie and Sechs entered the Combat Chamber to head the platoon off. However they were too late, as it had been wiped out in battle over a flag.

Colonel Payne himself arrived soon after and suggested that the some of the bodies be salvaged as cyborgs, but was quickly attacked by Alita and finished off by Zazie. With Sechs they at first decided to capture 20 flags in the Combat Chamber as a memorial to the platoon, which was accomplished the following day. However on Alita's suggestion, they eventually went on capture all 78 of the flags to halt the fighting for two weeks and prevent any more children from dying during that time.


Platoon EXT-04 was equipped with uniforms, combat helmets, child-sized submachine guns, and grenades.