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For the space karateka, see Pluto (karateka).
BAALO12 52 Jean Vares' base
Jean Vares' hideout on Pluto in ES 473 in a flashback in Phase 70
Japanese name 冥王星
Romanized name Meiōsei
English name Pluto
Part of Solar System
Type Dwarf planet
Debut First mentioned in Phase 15
Later shown in Phase 16 and Phase 70

Pluto is the second most massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System. Jean Vares' hideout was located here.


Pluto is shown as having a very inhospitable environment characterized by rugged terrain covered in methane snow. Temperatures can reach as far below as -230° C.[1] Charon, its largest moon, is clearly visible from the surface.


Jean Vares had constructed his hideout on Pluto, making it very difficult for his pursuers to reach him. ORDER however was able to track him here in ES 473, although the team was practically wiped out, leaving only Lakshmi and its commander, Aga Mbadi, alive. Gambling that Vares would send someone to confirm their deaths, Mbadi was forced to cut all power to their spacesuits except for minimal heat to conserve battery power. He survived by using yoga to place himself in suspended animation, but was unable to save Lakshmi, who slowly froze to death in his arms.

The tactic worked however, and Mbadi was able to corner Vares in his hideout, during which the terrorist was critically injured. Mbadi then triggered a recording that Vares had made earlier that revealed his motivations for his crimes, but also acknowledged Mbadi as the victor, a scenario that he had foreseen. He also told Mbadi that to return from Pluto, they would both have to cooperate. This necessitated the transplant of Vares' brain bio-chip into Mbadi's head in order to repair a spacecraft, gather fuel, and navigate home. Exhorted by Vares to undertake the process and become an Übermensch, Mbadi succeeded. He was able to return from Pluto in triumph, launching his rise to fame.


  1. Phase 16 - Aga Mbadi mentions that he and Lakshmi were in drifts of methane snow at -230° C.

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