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For the Potemkin who appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory, see Potemkin.

Potemkin (ポチョムキン Pochomukin?) was a member of the Jovian team that worked on Operation Glass Cat and was very briefly the commander of the ZOTT Task Force.


Potemkin had a variation of the standard Jovian cyborg body, with his tentacles connected separately to his front and four small "feet" on the underside of his body. He did not have a number as part of his name and none appeared on the front of his body.


It is likely that Potemkin was part of Operation Glass Cat when Muraviyov commanded it, but he was not previously named. During the Finals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Jovians succeeded in fragmenting limited space-time on their 42nd attempt, disrupting Alita's fight with Toji and causing her to be destroyed by his Predator-Killing Rat Strike.

After she manifested in the control ship and realised what had happened, Alita attacked the Jovians by using her quantum model to generate nanomachine blades to tear into them. Bukhanov C-182 quickly relieved himself of command of the ZOTT Task Force and transferred it to Potemkin, claiming that his transfer to Europa had gone through. Before Potemkin could protest he was killed by nanomachine blades.