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Power Body
BAA01 Power Body
The power body
Type Cyborg body
Creator Scrapyard
Users Makaku
Debut Battle 4

The Power Body was employed by a few Cyborgs during Alita's time as a slum dweller in the Scrapyard. It was once owned by a powerful gladiator by the name of Kinuba but was usurped by the criminal cyborg Makaku in the pursuit of his vendetta toward Alita and her caretaker Daisuke Ido.


Kinuba's power body had been primarily outfitted for heavy combat against similarly designed cybernetic enhanced opponents in the arena he participated in. The bionic chassis possessed a gargantuan frame comprised of 44mm steel armored or other such dense metallic elemental layering, made for tackling physically/technically superior opponents.

Its greatest strengths came from a few of the integrated devices within the bodies construction, chief amongst which is the thorough scanning devices implemented by the bodies boarhead tactical sensory apparatus. An artificially intelligent device, it is a tactical strategic calculator that advises the host of the Power Body on sound analytical maneuvers they can take to overcome their adversaries.

As was demonstrated by Makaku after he'd procured the mechanical surrogacy, it also has thorough sensory observation abilities that enable the host to ascertain combat data to compile the most desirable outcome in battling and besting strong opponents.

Besides its incredible strength and resilience to physical abrasion from heavy weaponry to aid cyborgs battling in it, said body had an ultimate means of offense against even the most dangerous adversaries, the Grind Cutter.

A hyper-velocity cable launch apparatus located in the fingers of the right forearm, it operated via the Super Vibration Actuator; a conversion device which translates neurological motor signals into actual bodily motion through the prosthesis. This enabled the user to control the motion, elongation, and contraction functionality of the five razor sharp razor whips in place of its appendageal digits.

Each cord on the hand of the automated frame could travel many times faster than the speed of sound, and was able to rip through ceramic plating with the utmost ease. Skilled users could even control the rate at which the ripcords accelerate from one hundred to four hundred times Mach Speed.


A specialized combat cyborg body designed for the champion of the Coliseum. Kinuba won many a tournament bout with the virtually invincible cybernetic refit, easily dispatching Zaariki in a single stroke while after leading him around by the nose. After the match had been concluded however, he would have a conversation with a spectator who managed to slip past the interior security and regale him about the application of his signature armament; the Grindcutter. He would be taken unawares after the cyborg criminal Makaku managed to slip by his victims onslaught and parasitically acquire the arena champions Power Body for his own. The latter then eagerly awaited the opportunity to test his stolen mettle against the one whom claimed his right eye; Alita.


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