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A prostitute is a person who provides sexual services to another person in return for payment. Prostitution is one of the manifestations of the sex industry in the Scrapyard, in addition to pornography, but has not explicitly been shown to exist in other locations.

Prostitution in the Scrapyard[]

BAA01 12 Prostitute

The unnamed prostitute awaiting customers in Battle 1.

Prostitution is legal in the Scrapyard, and the prostitutes who have appeared have all been women. Brothels have not been shown, but are hinted at, as what appears to be a red light district is shown early in the story.[1] Lorna is a street prostitute, and one of the mutant woman's victims was an unnamed prostitute. Women who are street prostitutes are particularly susceptible to crime. In the latter's case, she was waiting in a quiet side street for customers when she was killed, and it is suggested that the women who B.B. Buick targeted and killed were prostitutes, as he would find them by wandering the Scrapyard at night. Although Beretta used her apartment for her meetings with clients, this did not save her from being killed by the Megil Corporation assassin.

The degree of cyberization among prostitutes can vary: the mutant woman's victim had a pair of decorated cybernetic arms, Beretta herself had one cybernetic arm, while Lorna did not have any enhancements. Coincidentally or because of their job, all three were also smokers.

Other appearances[]

The Scrapyard red light district is shown in the OVA and Snev wanders into it following Beretta's death in Ashen Victor.[2] Prostitutes also appear in the novel.


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