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Qu Tsang (クー・ツァン Khoo Tsang?) is a member of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) and the captain of its ship, the SNS Guntroll, making her the second ranking member after Caerula Sanguis. She was also a member of the team the SNS formed to compete in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Guntroll.


Qu Tsang is a tall, dark skinned female cyborg, who wears a bandana in a pirate fold on her head. She has white markings on the left and right bottom sides of her cheek. She has thick eyebrows and wears hoop earrings. Her arms are covered in complex designs. Qu Tsang wears a long sleeve polo shirt, normally with the collar turned upward. During her fight with the Space Angels she had her shirt sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She wears a pair of baggy pants and black-and-white shoes. Over her outfit she is covered in a full body apron with a taijitu symbol on the upper middle. 



Qu Tsang is known for her motherly demeanor among the students and staff of the SNS, which has earned her the nickname "Mom". However she is also a fierce combatant when the situation requires it and is an active participant in the SNS' rescue operations. She has shown to be energetic and sporting when in battle, during the ZOTT she smiled cheerfully while fighting and praised her opponents for trying to catch her off guard.


Caerula Sanguis[]

As the second in command of the SNS and captain of the SNS Guntroll, Qu Tsang is trusted by Caerula Sanguis, who left it to her to lead the SNS when she joined the Round 1 match against the Space Angels.

Steller Nursery Society[]

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Qu Tsang is a master in Ahat Mastade, a zero gravity modified version of the Chinese martial art Bagua Zhang. She uses slight movements to block or dodge her opponents attack, using her foes own momentum to throw them off balance. While on the offensive she strikes her opponent’s meridian points in order to in inflict internal and external pain. This method of attacking seems to work even on cyborgs with specialized bodies such as Sechs' Fizziroy Body.


At some point in her life, Qu Tsang became employed by Careula Sanguis at the Stellar Nursery Society as one of the primary caretakers for the orphaned children. She would often accompany the children under her care once they aged out of the program; in one case, a young man named Molonev Menhir begged to remain with her, but Qu Tsang declined the request and sent him on his way with the other four orphans.

Roughly a month before the start of the Tenth Z.O.T.T, Qu Tsang helped organize the escape of the Stellar Nursery Society from their home in an asteroid belt once they were discovered by the Jupiter System Union. After getting them to safety, Qu Tsang flew their ship to various nearby asteroids in an unsuccessful attempt to seek asylum for the children. Eventually, she and many of the caretakers (along with Caerula) decided to enroll in the tournament as The Guntroll with herself acting as the team captain.


Guntroll Arc[]

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  • Qu Tsang was created by "Rakugaku" and named Kao Tsang. Her design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order.