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Radiation Water
GUNNM AS 121 Radiation Water
A can of Radiation Water.
Type Energy drink
Debut Supersonic Fingers

Radiation Water is a brand of energy drink that is sold in the Scrapyard. Its target audience appears to be cyborgs and the drink is sold in cans which display its logo, "It's Cool," on the front.


In ES 579[1] three months after defeating Jashugan, Gally was out doing her morning exercises. On her route she came across an unopened can of Radiation Water and decided to pick it up. As soon as she touched it, the can was shot by a ball bearing fired by the Sonic Finger. Before she could react, Gally was hit in the left side of the head by a second shot. She fell off the building and landed on a junked car but survived and Daisuke Ido was able to apply a ceramic patch to her head. This suggests that the Sonic Finger had planned his attack on Gally by observing her routine and planted the can to get her to stop and set herself up as a target.


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