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Radio K.A.O.S.
Radio KAOS 1
The Radio KAOS mobile unit.
Type radio station
Debut Battle 37

Radio K.A.O.S. is a broadcast pirate radio station that functioned within the Badlands. Crewed by Kaos, it would provide nightly music and radio broadcasts heard throughout the Badlands and some distant locations of the Scrapyard.


A mobile unit, Radio K.A.O.S. would usually be found located in the southern part of the former mid western United States; however, it would travel all throughout the Badlands, never staying in one place for very long.



At some point in his adult life, Kaos decided to leave his prior life behind and would become a wanderer of the Badlands with his assistant Jasmine; due to his psychometry, he was overcome with different forms of music, sound and memories in different objects he collected. Eventually, he decided to establish a radio station that served all of the Badlands to share this music; he gathered various music equipment and sound apparatus and transform the interior of a large vehicle into his home and mobile studio. He christened his new pirate radio station 'Radio K.A.O.S.' and did nightly broadcasts for all those who tuned in. While he was aware of the ongoing war between Barjack and Tiphares, he refused to take sides despite Barjack forces (including their leader Den) repeatedly asking he join them.


Kaos was traveling with Jasmine and stares up at the stars one night, remarking the weather conditions for the nightly broadcast. He was approached by one of Den's lieutenants to join Barjack once again; Kaos refused and goes inside and prepares the broadcast. He plays an electronic keyboard and begins to sing as many listeners across the Badlands fall asleep.

Soon after, Kaos got word that there were two girls trapped in an underground cave network; he travels down an elevator and orders the mole people to bring them to him. He uses his psychometry to learn the identity of the two girls and how they came to get trapped. Noting that one of them is unconscious, Kaos brings them up to the surface and back to his home.[1]

Radio K.A.O.S. traveled throughout the Badlands and would later be confronted once more by Den and Barjack; the agreement between Barjack and the station would be lifted due to the latter harboring a TUNED operative named Alita. They are offered once again to join Barjack and as Alita gives herself up, Radio K.A.O.S. drives back the way it came to get away. Eventually, it would come under attack by a group of sand ninjas; after Kaos uses his psychometry to fight against the ninjas with a katana, it would be destroyed due to the resulting destruction. Finally, the destroyed vehicle would be carried away due to a flash flood that occurs when the Den-controlled Kaos fights Alita.[2]


  • While it ties in with the name of its founder, the call letters KAOS also indicates that the radio station operated west of the Mississippi river. This ties in with other statements made by Yukito Kishiro which places the setting of the series in several Mid-Western states in the United States including Texas, Colorado and Kansas.