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Radon (ラドン Radon?) was the head master of Electromagnetic Karate in ES 587.


Radon has a dark cyborg body with two large "horns" on his head and three eyebrow-like indentations over his fair eyes, which have no pupils. The top part of his head gives the impression of being a mask over the lower half. Over the standard white gi of Electromagnetic Karate he also wears a large fur stole and carries a dark gunbai decorated with an upturned crescent moon as symbols of his position.


He views unwanted, abandoned children as subhuman, which is quite ironic because by becoming cyborgs he and his fellow practitioners have moved farther away from their own humanity.


As the head of the school of Electromagnetic Karate Radon presumably possess a high degree of experience and skill in the art.


After Toji won the 45th Univeral Karate Championship in ES 587, his experiences with a group of street urchins led him to feed them leftovers in the hopes of them becoming future students of Eletromagnetic Karate. This resulted in him being asked about this in the main dojo by Radon. When Toji confirmed that it was true, Radon reprimanded him, declaring that the children were not human. Toji responded that he and all the other karate masters present had once been born as an infant and that their founder, Tunpò, had started out by teaching street urchins. However this was considered a heresy by the rest of the karatekas present and Toji was subsequently suspended from the main dojo.