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Rail mercenary
BAA06 38 Rail mercenary recruitment
Rail mercenaries are recruited to serve on Factory Train 12 in Battle 31.
English name Rail mercenary
Origin Scrapyard, Factory Farms
Affiliations Factory Railroad
Type Mercenary
Notable members Figure Four
Rail mercenary chief
Debut Battle 31

A rail mercenary is a civilian mercenary hired to serve on the Factory Railroad and protect the trains from attack, making them members of the Factory Army. They are paid on a per week basis, including meals, and are equipped with rent-a-guns. There are no real qualifications to become a rail mercenary, except for a willingness to do so. Applicants who are recruited at a Factory train's departure site sign the contract, are equipped with rent-a-guns, and placed on the train they will be serving on, with two mercenaries per train car.


Although the pay is lucrative, the job's life expectancy significantly decreased after the Barjack began to ambush Factory trains. The isolation of the Factory Railroad and the Barjack's experience in mobile warfare and with firearms gave them an edge, especially if they could derail the train. Survivors of these attacks were reluctant to re-sign, and Vector was forced to double the signup bonus to attract applicants who had no idea of what they were getting into.

In ES 590 Yolg served as a rail mercenary twice, and Figure Four became one after defeating a cyborg who challenged him for his spot.