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BAALO05 135 railman

A railman (right) at work in Phase 29.

A railman is a type of stevedore who works on asteroid docks. Introduced in Last Order, they wear a specialized suit in which the arms are composed of rails on which the hands move back and forth. The rails serve to steady and direct the cargo being launched, and a railman can control the velocity at which he launches something. According to Hegeor Hopper some consider railmen to be undisciplined.[1]


Laib was a skilled railman whose son Niz followed in his footsteps. At some point they became members of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS). When Jovian warships attacked the SNS base on Szeged as part of Operation Lawnmower in ES 591, Laib used his railsuit to launch children in storage units for retrieval by the SNS Guntroll. A month later during Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Niz took the field against the Space Angels in his railsuit, nearly defeating Sechs.