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Rakan's dojo
BAALO16 153 Rakan's dojo
The dojo exterior in a flashback in Phase 98.
Affiliations Armour-Piercing Karate
Part of Ceres
Type Dojo
Debut Battle 43

In his previous life, Rakan operated a dojo on Ceres where he trained and lived with his family.


The dojo had a traditional Japanese exterior with the living quarters below and the dojo proper occupying the second floor. Here, Rakan had some modern equipment in the form of a grinding machine and anvil in addition to trophies, photos, and phrases mounted on the wall.

After Sho was challenged by his friends to prove that his father's bullet catching technique was real, he sought out Rakan in the dojo, where he was normally not permitted. After he told him that he had a present for him, Sho leveled a revolver at Rakan and fired at point blank range. The shot hit Rakan in the left side of the head and brought his mother screaming. Rakan survived but his frontal lobe was damaged, violently altering his personality. After being discharged, he ripped the skin from his cyborg body to "free" himself and began smashing holes in the dojo walls with his penis, wrecking it. He then embarked on a naked rampage to do the same thing to walls through the city. Afterwards Rakan gathered his family in the ruined dojo and told them that he was leaving to train, gleefully disclosing that this involved killing people and having sex with women before running out on them.

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