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In his previous life on Ceres, Rakan was married to an unnamed woman who was the mother of his son, Sho.


Rakan's wife's face was never shown. She is a fair skinned woman who had dark hair worn in a bun when she was younger and wore a house dress and patterned housecoat. Currently she is wheelchair bound and has long white hair, wearing a fair coloured cap and jacket.


She appears to have had a close relationship with Rakan, calling him "dear" and "darling" and years later despite his abandonment, speaking of him fondly.


Several decades earlier on Ceres Rakan lived in a dojo with his family. His wife took Sho to see him perform a demonstration of Armour-Piercing Karate one day which involved catching bullets fired at him from point-blank range. However Rakan's abilities were doubted by two of Sho's friends, who demanded that he prove that they were real by having him shoot Rakan himself with a revolver. This brought his mother running. Rakan survived but his frontal lobe was damaged, violently altering his personality. After being discharged, he ripped the skin from his cyborg body to "free" himself despite his wife's protests and embarked on a naked rampage through the city, smashing holes in walls with his penis. Rakan afterwards gathered his family in the ruined dojo and told them that he was leaving to train, gleefully disclosing that this involved killing people and having sex with women before running out on them. His wife was left to deal with the damage that he had caused through the city and having to raise their son.


The Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament was broadcast on Ceres and Rakan's wife was taken by Sho to watch the Finals. When she commented that Rakan seemed to be having so much fun, Sho stated that he was dead. After Rakan was killed by Zazie, his wife wondered where he had gone and Sho told his mother that he was finally at peace.[1]