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King Remsen (リームズイン Rimuzuin?) was the previous constitutional monarch of the Mars Kingdom Parliament. He was succeeded by his daughter Limeira after he was assassinated for reasons unknown on Aga Mbadi's orders, a fact that she does not know about.


When Queen Limeira attended a LADDER session in ES 591, her teddy bear König greeted the delegates. This caused the Venusian and Jovian delegations to briefly suspect that King Remsen had hidden his brain inside König to escape assassination. Although this fear was allayed when Minister Jo Hann told Queen Limeira to stop the ventriloquy, König speaks in later appearances.

Following his audience with Limeira, the knowledge that he had ordered Remsen's assassination haunted Aga Mbadi, and he vowed to put the world right "the way it should be."[1]


The Mars Kingdom Parliament appears in a modified form in Gunnm: Martian Memory, where it is ruled by queens. Limeira's mother, the 15th Master of Mars, rules Mars until her death, after which Limeira succeeds her.


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