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BAA06 079 Rent-a-gun
Figure Four equipped with a rent-a-gun in Battle 32.
Type Submachine gun
Creator Factory
Users Rail mercenaries
Debut Battle 31

The rent-a-gun (レンタガン Rentagan?) is a type of submachine gun used by rail mercenaries.


The gun's design is based on the FN P90, although it has a slightly longer barrel, front grip, and carrying handle, which has a flashlight mounted in front and a built in sight. It is mounted to a pack worn on the torso that provides some modicum of protection. When not deployed, the gun is located behind the user's back but when the system is activated a targeting sight and the gun are activated. The pack is linked to a computer located on the Factory train that the mercenary is serving on and cannot be removed while they are under contract. If they stray more than 20 metres from the train this is automatically construed as desertion, and they must return within 20 metre limit in 30 seconds or an explosive charge will detonate and kill them.[1]


BAA06 85 Rent-a-gun pack

Alita throws Yolg's rent-a-gun pack at Figure in Battle 32.

Figure Four was issued with a rent-a-gun when he began serving as a rail mercenary on Factory Train 12. After he met Yolg, the latter showed him how to adjust the gun so it was more comfortable and also revealed that it could not be removed while they were under contract. When the train went on alert on Alita's command, all of the rent-a-guns were activated for use by the mercenaries. However before they could effectively react to the attack by Knucklehead's squad, the tracks were blown and the mercenaries were thrown clear when the train derailed. The survivors fled in terror and their packs were detonated. Figure grabbed Yolg, whose leg was broken, and began to return to the train when they were attacked by Knucklehead. Figure was able to fire a burst that hit Knucklehead's head covering, but then the gun jammed. Before he could deploy Yolg's gun, Alita saved them both by taking out the oncoming Knucklehead with her rifle and then throwing them back to the train to prevent their packs from detonating. However a new problem arose when the rail mercenary chief discovered that the train's nuclear reactor was going to explode and he was killed when his pack detonated as he fled. Deckman 5, the train's operator, revealed that the rent-a-gun computer had been damaged when the train derailed. Alita saved Figure and Yolg again by hacking their packs and removing them.

It is not clear if other mercenaries used by the Factory use the rent-a-gun. A pair that Den stomped on when he attacked the Scrapyard are shown using rocket launchers.[2]

Other appearances[]

The rent-a-gun appears as a weapon in Gunnm: Martian Memory.