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Reptile was a hunter-warrior. He was not named in the first printing of Rusty Angel by Viz Media, but in the reprint the word "Reptile" is written on his chest, matching up with the original tankōbon.[1]


Reptile had a Mohawk and wore wraparound sunglasses. He had a narrow torso with flared out shoulders and segmented, wavy limbs with a scale-like appearance.


When Alita first visited Bar Kansas, she got into a massive brawl against many of the hunter-warriors present by calling them cowards over their fears of going after Makaku. Reptile was one of the few hunters who did not get caught up in the brawl and afterwards asked Alita who she was. Makaku then burst into Kansas in possession of Kinuba's Power Body and was mistaken to be Kinuba by Reptile, a Coliseum fan. Proclaiming himself to be a big fan, he asked for an autograph. Appearing to oblige him, Makaku used one of his grind cutters to inscribe his own name instead on Reptile's back and slice his head into pieces, catching his brain with his long tongue and devouring it.


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