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Rio (リオ?) is a young orphan boy who is under the care of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS).


Rio is a fair skinned boy with medium coloured bushy hair worn in a short tail. His SNS uniform consists of a white short-sleeved garment that reaches to his knees and includes a satchel.


Out of all the SNS teachers Rio has a close relationship with and looks up to Niz.


After Getz and Koen were taken down by Sechs, Qu Tsang called on Niz to get ready. Niz was inside a room contemplating the remains of his father Laib's railsuit. Rio entered and leaning on Niz's back, asked him not to get hurt. Niz assured the young boy that he would not lose before taking the field.

During the fight, Rio stayed by himself and prayed for Niz's victory. He took heart when Niz was able to bind Sechs with mooring straps and drive him into the ground. However Rio received a shock when Sechs foiled Niz's attempt to blast him into space and pounded him with the Solenoid Quench Gun before smashing into him, blasting off both arms and blowing a hole in his chest. Saya tried to reassure Rio when Niz was brought back alive to the Guntroll's base, but he cried out that everything was not alright and to stop the fighting. When Caerula Sanguis appeared, he hid behind Saya with the rest of the orphans. He then moved to stand by Niz when the latter questioned Caerula's motivations for entering them in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.

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