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Robo-jizo asteroid
BAALO11 88 Robo-jizo asteroid
The robo-jizo asteroid in Phase 65.
Affiliations Space Buddhism
Part of Unnamed asteroid belt
Type Asteroid
Debut Phase 65

The robo-jizo asteroid was an unnamed asteroid that was the site of a temple where the robo-jizo Tunpò was revered by Space Buddhist pilgrims.


After Tunpò passed on the school of Eletromagnetic Karate that he had founded to a successor some time after the Second Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 501, he disappeared, having withdrawn from the world. In a remote asteroid belt he carved by hand massive statues of robo-buddhas from a series of smaller asteroids that surrounded a much larger one. He also worked into into this large asteroid a gigantic buddha head on one side and a series of smaller ones that decreased in size in two tiers above it. A temple was built at its apex, which could be reached by two long flights of stairs.


Six months before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, Zekka, acting on a tip from Aga Mbadi, traveled to the asteroid belt using Desecrator. When he arrived at the robo-jizo asteroid he was shocked to find many pilgrims entering the temple, where he found that his former fellow student and greatest rival had attained living buddhahood. Shocked and enraged, he apparently killed Tunpò with a single powerful strike that split the asteroid itself in half, but then could not find any remains of Tunpò's body. Nonetheless he believed him to be dead. It was not until the Finals of the ZOTT after Tunpò emerged from Toji's body that he revealed that his soul had transferred first into Zekka's body and later into Toji's.[1]