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Rocket Hammer
BAA01 67 rocket hammer in use
Ido uses the rocket hammer against Makaku in Battle 3.
Type Melee weapon with rocket booster for increased damage
Creator Daisuke Ido
Users Daisuke Ido
Debut Battle 1

The Rocket Hammer (ロケット ハンマー Roketto Hanmā?) was Daisuke Ido's trademark weapon that he used in his second line of work as a hunter-warrior.


The rocket hammer has its origins in the weapon used by a character who is very similar to Daisuke Ido in Yukito Kishiro's one shot dōjinshi Iron Fist. It had a large head which housed a rocket booster that could be activated by pressing a switch on the long shaft. When not in use, it could be disassembled and transported via a rolling case. Ido would normally assemble it when he was near his quarry. While the real power of the rocket hammer lay in the damage that could be inflicted with the aid of the booster, it could also be used as a melee weapon.


In ES 571 about six years before the start of the main story,[1] Ido was working as a hunter-warrior a year after he was cast out from Tiphares. During this time he was already using the rocket hammer. It was destroyed during his confrontation with Dedekind and Lady Pakila.


Ido later constructed a replacement rocket hammer. He first used it when he was stalking a mutant woman who had gone berserk and later when he fought Izuchi and Makaku. As a result of his experience in wielding the rocket hammer, Ido developed some skill in using blunt objects as weapons, deciding to go with pipes that could be concealed in his trench coat. He did not take the rocket hammer with him when he visited Desty Nova's manor to get back the Berserker Body in ES 580.[1] Alita was thus able to use it against Zapan when she fought him amidst the remains of Ido's clinic to severely damage his shoulder. It was subsequently lost during the fight. After Ido relocated to Farm 21 after erasing his memory, he practices as a full time cyberphysician and has abandoned his role as a hunter-warrior.

Other appearances[]

The rocket hammer also appears in the OVA and in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


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